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When a customer pays their invoice bill using crypto-currencies/tokens, the payment can be reconciled manually or automatically, depending on your personal level of comfort and/or confidence in the block-chain technologies.

The reconciliation method is defined separately for each crypto currency you’ve enabled in the payment options (see the crypto-currency payment options section).

  • If set to Automatic Reconciliation, then pending payment information is sent to The Crypto Cashier’s reconciliation server for block-chain monitoring, where it is continuously scanning for the payment to be placed within a block. When the payment is identified on the block-chain, the reconciliation server will notify the call-back URL where The Crypto Cashier plugin has been installed and the transaction will be reconciled.
  • If set to Manual Reconciliation, then it will be up to you to monitor your crypto wallets to see when certain payments have arrived.¬† Manual reconciliation is discussed further in the next section.
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