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The Blockchain Speaks Volumes

The reported volumes for cryptocurrencies are extremely misleading. Furthermore, although there is only one category called volume, blockchain explorers will refer to a data point that is much different than what is reported by cryptocurrency exchanges. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Bitcoin volumes and what they actually mean. Blockchain Volumes Any blockchain explorer will show general details regarding the current state of the blockchain. There are several explorers available for Bitcoin.

The Bankers’ Kryptonite

Superman’s ability to protect citizens from evil-doers earned him the respect and admiration of dreamers world-wide. But even he had his weaknesses, the most obvious of which was the substance known as Kryptonite. Whenever the green hued rock was near, Superman’s power waned. To some, the bankers of the world today may seem like heroes – they hold all of our money for us safely in their vaults, let us spend our own money through

Global Customer Reach Expanded via Stripe

The Crypto Cashier has just made it even easier for global business to blend future technologies with the present by including conventional payment methods offered through Stripe.  This means that businesses serving customers across several countries can continue serving those customers using conventional payment methods while they expand into the crypto-currency payment realm. The fine folks at Stripe have developed an extremely adept and comprehensive online payment system and their support team is superb. Venders

Block-chains Destroy the Middle-man

What the crypto-communities around the world have realized is that the block-chain establishes a direct trust relationship between the buyer and seller.  There’s no need to use a third-party to carry out a transaction because the block-chain has infused the transaction within itself. Once that transaction is part of the block-chain and recognized by the peer network, nothing more is needed between the buyer and seller to acknowledge that the transaction has been executed and

What’s your Wallet?

There’s good news, and then there’s more good news regarding the availability of crypto wallets out there today. Not only have they evolved in their technological realm, but they’re also super rich in features and support. Many, such as Exodus and Coinomi, even offer the ability to exchange one type of crypto-currency for another without ever leaving the wallet – of course you’ll get charged for those services, but still… pretty convenient. Furthermore, there’s no

It’s all about Reconciliation

Consumer transactions are the goal of every enterprise.  The more transactions a company generates, the more that translates into profit. But having more transactions also means more work! In the crypto-space, a transaction consists of a customer sending a certain amount of a crypto-currency from their own crypto-wallet to the public address of the vendor’s wallet. During this transaction, a few things warrant further inspection before the status of the transaction can be considered complete.

PayPal Added as Conventional Payment Option

According to Datanyze, PayPal™ had an average world-wide market share of 67% of the web’s online payment business in 2017. Adding PayPal™ to the list of payment options web administrators can enable via The Crypto Cashier platform seems like a logical choice in that regard. But The Crypto Cashier is striving to provide the world with the next wave of possibilities, which include crypto-currencies. This is expected to be a slow-moving process, one that may