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Custom Styles

The payments page shows the invoice form and allows customers to see basic invoice details as well as select their payment options. The background of the invoicing and payments area can be customized by defining the following style in your theme’s style.css file:



.tcc-custom-background {

However, please note that if the platform is in sandbox mode, this customization will not have any affect. Instead, while the system is in sandbox mode, the users will see the yellow sandbox background, which lets them know not to make real payments on the system.  If you need to override the sandbox background scheme, simply add another definition for the class:


If you have a darker background and a light color as your main text color, you may wish to further alter the backgrounds for the various detail displays on the payments page.  This can be accomplished by defining a more comprehensive list of classes in your style.css file:

.tcc-custom-background {


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