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The Crypto Cashier plugin for WordPress allows you to accept crypto-currencies as payment for your products/services. The invoicing feature lets you create customized invoices and use them to bill your customers, which can immediately link back to your site for online payments.

Additionally, The Crypto Cashier integrates easily with WooCommerce, to extend your customers' shopping experience.



The Crypto Cashier plugin for WordPress allows you to accept crypto-currencies as payment for your products/services. When your customers pay you in crypto-currencies or tokens, payments are sent directly to your existing wallet, which allows you to completely eliminate the middle-men!

Simply install the plugin normally, as done with all WordPress plugins. Then configure and enable the payment options you want to allow. You’ll then be able to send invoices to your customers and they’ll be able to pay online with any of the payment options you’ve enabled – both conventional and crypto-based. Click here for more advantages and a complete list of currently supported cryptos/tokens.

For your customers who aren’t quite ready to embrace the crypto-currency craze, The Crypto Cashier also allows for the acceptance of traditional payments via credit/debit cards, ACH bank transfers, stored browser wallets/cards (Apple Pay, Google/Android Pay, Microsoft Pay) and more via Alipay, PayPal™ and Stripe.  So, while the world transitions into the future of cryptos, you’ll reap the benefits of both worlds by allowing your customers to choose their own preferred method of payment.

If you’re using WooCommerce, you can extend payment options to include those you’ve enabled with The Crypto Cashier. Just install and enable the companion plugin, The Crypto Cashier bridge for WooCommerce, which is available at no additional cost.

For technical details, screen shots, installation and requirement details, please see our docs section.

Quote & Blockchain Scanning Services

Purchase of The Crypto Cashier plugin includes 1 year of servicing via The Crypto Cashier’s auto-reconciliation and exchange-rate processing. After 1 year, these services may be extended on an annual basis for $99/year. Note that the plugin software will still allow both conventional and crypto-currency payments to be accepted even without backend servicing, however the quote and auto-reconciliation features will not be functional.

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