1) Does The Crypto Cashier have it's own crypto-currency wallet?
2) Which crypto-currency wallet should I use?
3) Do I need to give The Crypto Cashier my private keys for my wallet?
4) Does The Crypto Cashier have it's own block-chain?


1) After installation, why don't I see any crypto-currency payment options?
2) How can I update The Crypto Cashier plugin to the latest version?


1) How do customers make payments in crypto-currency?
2) How do customers know how much crypto-currency to send for the payment?
3) What is the difference between auto and manual reconciliation?
4) How do I manually reconcile a payment?
5) What are confirmations?
6) What is tolerance?
7) What is the expiration?
8) What is Extended Decimal Amount (EDA)?
9) For most situations, what are the optimum settings for crypto-currency payment options?
10) How many public receiving addresses should I specify for each crypto-currency?
11) What if my customers don't want to use crypto-currency to pay me?
12) What if my customer pays me by check and sends it to me by mail?
13) Does The Crypto Cashier support partial payments from customers?


1) Are invoices always necessary for a customer to be able to pay in crypto-currency?
2) How do I create an invoice based on a crypto-currency, such as Ethereum?
3) Where are the PDF invoice documents stored on my website?


1) My website uses WooCommerce. How can I integrate The Crypto Cashier?
2) How are orders processed when crypto-currency payments are received?
3) How do I price my products in crypto-currencies?

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