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Adding crypto-currencies

The shop currency or base currency is the currency you’re using for the prices of the products in your online store. Normally, when WooCommerce shoppers are browsing your products and adding them to their shopping carts, they see the prices you’ve set for those products denominated in your country’s currency. For example, if you’re primarily selling to customers in the United States, then most likely, you’ve priced your products in US dollars. Then, if you have The Crypto Cashier enabled, when the customer checks out and sees the total payment amount due, it is automatically converted from US dollars into the respective amounts of the various crypto-currencies/tokens you’ve enabled using the current market exchange rates.

But what if you didn’t want to use the US dollar or any other country-based fiat currency, but instead you want to price your products directly in your favorite crypto-currency? For example, if you’re selling a T-shirt, instead of pricing it as $30, you want to price it as 1 LTC. In this way, when the customer is shopping, they’ll see all the prices in LTC. Upon check-out, the customer will see the total amount due in LTC and also the respective amounts of the other currencies you’ve enabled using current market exchange rates for LTC. In order to accomplish this, WooCommerce must be aware of the shop currency you want to use. The Crypto Cashier allows you to add crypto-currencies to WooCommerce for this purpose.

Depending on your specific installation of WooCommerce, the crypto-currency you want to use may already be listed in the WordPress settings administration pane for WooCommerce. However, if the WooCommerce currency settings do not show you the currency you want to use, then you can add the currency using the respective option in The Crypto Cashier as described below.

For any crypto-currency that you’ve enabled in The Crypto Cashier, enable the Add to WooCommerce option using the associated checkbox as illustrated below.

Add to WooCommerce option


Note that even though you may add several crypto-currencies to WooCommerce as described above, you will not be able to use more than one single currency as the overall WooCommerce shop currency. This is because the standard WooCommerce installation does not allow more than one base currency. If you desire to use multiple base currencies, please see this discussion on shop currencies at WooCommerce.com.

If you don’t need to change your WooCommerce shop currency, then disregard the Add to WooCommerce setting for all payment options. Checking or unchecking the box will not affect your customers’ ability to use those crypto/token options as their payment selection, regardless of whether WooCommerce is being used or not.

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