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WooCommerce Integration

Using The Crypto Cashier with WooCommerce is easy. You simply need to install and enable The Crypto Cashier bridge for WooCommerce plugin.* After you’ve installed the bridge, you’ll see an additional payment gateway within the WooCommerce WordPress control panel’s Checkout tab.
*More specifically, you need both The Crypto Cashier and The Crypto Cashier bridge for WooCommerce plugins to be installed and enabled.

WooCommerce payment gateway


The new payment gateway, The Crypto Cashier is listed along the top of the Checkout tab’s screen with the other WooCommerce payment gateways.  If you select The Crypto Cashier, you can enable/disable the gateway and you can customize how customers are introduced to the payment options available through The Crypto Cashier.

  • Title – The text displayed to customers when they are checking out, offering them this particular payment gateway.
  • Description – The text shown to customers on the checkout page once they’ve selected the payment gateway, which describes a little more about the payment gateway.
  • Instructions – More text that describes how to use the payment gateway, which is added to emails sent out by the WooCommerce system to customers.

When The Crypto Cashier gateway is enabled, WooCommerce orders processed through the shopping cart checkout process allow customers to pay with any payment option enabled via the The Crypto Cashier->Payment Options tab.


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