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Manual Reconciliation

When a certain payment is reconciled, it means the payment:

  1. has been recognized by the merchant, and
  2. the merchant has officially, either accepted or rejected the payment.

Payments are reconciled either automatically or manually.  See details regarding Auto-reconciliation to see how payments are automatically reconciled when that option is available.

You can manually reconcile a payment only if it is in the pending state. A payment is pending after a customer has selected a payment option (see the Customer Experience section).

When you open the Payments tab, you can set the type selector to “Pending” and the list should only contain payments that are pending.

As you’re viewing list of payments, you can further scan through them by using the previous and next navigation controls at the bottom of the Payments window.  (Note that because the list is in reverse-chronological order, when you hit the previous link, it will take to a list containing earlier payments, if there are any.)

When you find a pending payment you want to reconcile, you can click on it to bring up the reconciliation screen.

Payment reconciliation


Now, once you’re at the reconciliation screen, you will see some high-level information about the invoice and a list of previous payments for the related invoice (if there are any).  Below that, you will see the information regarding the current payment – the type of payment (crypto/token) and the expected amount of the payment.  If the crypto/token is one that has quotes available, then the Received amount will be pre-filled in for you at the expected amount. If it doesn’t have quotes available, then the Received amount will be blank and you will need to fill in the amount Received as well as the Value if you decide to accept the payment (see discussion below).

You are now able to either accept the payment or void the payment:

Accept the Payment

Accepting the payment means that you are recording the fact that the payment has been received. When you accept a payment, it must have a Received amount and a Value. The Received amount represents the quantity of the crypto-currency/token that was actually received.  The Value is the amount converted to whatever base currency is being used (for example the US dollar, USD). If quotes are available, then when you change the Received amount, the Value automatically adjusts for you.  However, if quotes are not available for the crypto/token, you will need to manually adjust both the amount Received and Value fields.

After you’re satisfied with the Received amount and it’s Value, you may be presented with a checkbox that appears if the amount Received is less than the expected amount. This checkbox asks you if you want to make this a Partial Payment.  If you check the box, then the invoice will remain open and it will mean that the customer will need to make a followup payment. If you leave the box un-checked, then it will be considered a payment that is Paid in full and the invoice will be closed.

When your ready to accept the payment, hit the Receive this payment button.

Void the Payment

If you decide for whatever reason that the payment is invalid, you can simply hit the red-x button at the bottom left corner. You will be shown a confirmation screen similar to the following illustration.

Confirm void payment


If you truly want to void the payment, simply hit the Void this payment button. Otherwise, to ignore the void attempt, hit the Cancel button.

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