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Listing & Searching for Payments

The Payments tab allows you to see payments and their respective status.  The list of payments is in reverse-chronological order (most recent activity is shown first).

Main payments screen


You can filter the list by specifying the Payment type in the selector menu:

  • All – See all payments, no matter what status
  • Pending – (the default) See only payments that are currently pending.  A payment is pending if the customer has indicated that they are making a payment, but the payment has not been received (or at least not reconciled) yet.
  • Paid – See only payments that have been received and reconciled in the system.

You can also specify a textual search pattern in order to find the payment you’re looking for by using the Search field. For example, if you want to search for a payment that is related to a certain invoice, you can type in the invoice ID in the search field and the search algorithm will look for payments to that invoice ID.  Note: Keep in mind that when using the search field, the status is also taken into consideration when filtering what you see in the payments list.  So, if you’re not sure about the status, it may be a good idea to set the status to All if you’re going to use the textual search.

When you see the list of payments, you can further scan through them by using the previous and next navigation controls at the bottom of the Payments window.  (Note that because the list is in reverse-chronological order, when you hit the previous link, it will take to a list containing earlier payments, if there are any.) To the left side of the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a Download CSV link, which allows you to download a csv-formatted list of payments matching the search criteria specified in the fields above.

When you find a payment in the list and you want to know more about that payment, you can click on it to reveal more information. If the status of the payment you’re clicking on is:

 Pending – When you click on it, it will bring up the manual reconciliation screen so that you can record the reception of the payment, or otherwise deal with it accordingly. See the Payments section on Manual Reconciliation for more information.
Any other status – When you click on it, you’ll see an expansion of the area directly below the item, which reveals more information about the payment. See illustration below for example.

Payment – More information


When you click a payment item within the list, not only will it give you a bit more information, but there are some nice features here as well:

– If you click on the Invoice ID, it will take you to the Invoicing tab and bring up that invoice for you to view in more depth.
– If the payment you clicked on has a Paid or Partially Paid status, then you will be shown a red-x button, which will allow you to void the payment.  See the section on Voiding a Payment for more information.

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