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Issue Credit for an Invoice

If you are paid by a customer outside the system then you should have a method by which you give proper credit to the customer.  For example, if the customer sends you a check via the US postal service, you should be able to apply that payment to the customer’s bill so that the accounting remains accurate.

You can apply such credits or other forms of payments using the Issue credit button.  Note that the Issue credit button is only available if the invoice is in the Outstanding or Partially Paid state.

While reviewing an invoice, click the Issue credit button to apply payments or credits on the invoice.

Once you click on the Issue credit button, you will see more information appear directly below the button. This additional information will allow you to specify the amount and type of credit you wish to apply.

Applying credit to an invoice


To apply a payment or credit:

  • Choose either Payment or Credit
  • If the payment will result in a closure of the invoice, then it is considered a Full payment and the checkbox should be checked.  If it is a Partial payment and the invoice will remain open, then the checkbox should be un-checked.
  • You can optionally provide a brief note describing the payment/credit

When you are satisfied with the data you’ve provided, you can hit the Apply button to administer the payment/credit.

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