Global Customer Reach Expanded via Stripe

You Are Here:Global Customer Reach Expanded via Stripe

The Crypto Cashier has just made it even easier for global business to blend future technologies with the present by including conventional payment methods offered through Stripe.  This means that businesses serving customers across several countries can continue serving those customers using conventional payment methods while they expand into the crypto-currency payment realm.

The fine folks at Stripe have developed an extremely adept and comprehensive online payment system and their support team is superb. Venders should find the Stripe Dashboard intuitive and easy to use.

Stripe offers an enviable array of conventional payment methods, including credit & debit cards, ACH bank transfers, Alipay, browser-stored wallets/cards (Apple Pay, Google/Android PayMicrosoft Pay), and many more. Stripe is continually expanding their global reach and service offerings.

So if you’re a business owner with the desire of expanding your global business, you now have fewer excuses to put it off.  With Stripe’s conventional payment options offered along with The Crypto Cashier’s existing crypto-currency options, your customers will easily find their preferred way to give you their money.

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