Block-chains Destroy the Middle-man

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What the crypto-communities around the world have realized is that the block-chain establishes a direct trust relationship between the buyer and seller.  There’s no need to use a third-party to carry out a transaction because the block-chain has infused the transaction within itself. Once that transaction is part of the block-chain and recognized by the peer network, nothing more is needed between the buyer and seller to acknowledge that the transaction has been executed and completed.

If you get that… if you really understand what that means, you’ll begin to get a glimpse of what’s coming.

No more middle-men!

No more third-parties!

And yet, early adopters of cryptos still adhere to old paradigms. For example, many online business owners have become attracted to crypto-currencies and have taken the first step of allowing their customers to pay with cryptos on their web site.  But the process they’ve incorporated to process cryptos includes a third-party like GoURL, which takes a cut of every transaction. Using a third-party for handling cryptos means that customers are sending their cryptos/tokens to the third-party directly.  Then, after the third-party takes their cut, they send the remaining amount to the seller’s wallet. It’s only a matter of time before people see the light and realize that third-parties are not needed in the crypto-space.

This is another reason why The Crypto Cashier is the natural solution for accepting cryptos online. With The Crypto Cashier, the direct relationship between the buyer and seller is reinforced. When the customer sends their cryptos, they send them directly to the seller’s address.  No need for any other party to get involved!

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