PayPal Added as Conventional Payment Option

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According to Datanyze, PayPal™ had an average world-wide market share of 67% of the web’s online payment business in 2017. Adding PayPal™ to the list of payment options web administrators can enable via The Crypto Cashier platform seems like a logical choice in that regard.

But The Crypto Cashier is striving to provide the world with the next wave of possibilities, which include crypto-currencies. This is expected to be a slow-moving process, one that may take a while before customers feel more comfortable using new technologies like the block-chain.  Therefore, giving conventional payment options alongside any crypto-based alternatives will allow customers to become accustomed to the inevitable wave that’s coming and slowly make the transition when they’re ready.

PayPal is a trademark of PayPal Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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